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Our Youth Matters Community Center

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A space that places our youth FIRST!

We are addressing the increased violence in the city of Indianapolis by opening a Youth Center by Spring 2018 to continue the efforts of creating youth programs to save our youth. 


Our mission is to empower the youth of the Far East Side of Indianapolis towards self-actualization by providing a place of positive psychological interactions, breaking systemic barriers that marginalized communities face through the celebration of culture and ethnic diversity.


The Ross Foundation will ensure that the underserved Indianapolis youth will have access to tools that will give them a greater opportunity to be successful in the areas they choose. We base our programming on the advancement of the youth through   our D.R.O.P to Develop Self-Enhanced Actualization model in the following areas:


D.R.O.P Model

The D.R.O.P development model’s goal is to tailor self-enhanced Actualization Model to the specific needs of the Far East Side Indianapolis community.

(D) DEVELOPING the youth and challenging them to DREAM and use their creativity, opening doors to resources and opportunities for the youth to self-actualization.

(R) RELIABLE mentors and staff who are focused on developing the youth in the Far East Side.

(O) OPEN and ACTIVE environment serving the community by providing resources to address the needs of the youth, including but not limited to (employment, community support, health resources)

(P) Acknowledging the Physiological Needs of the youth and their environment by providing sustainable solutions through our community partners.

1. Self-Sustainability

2. Economic Development

3. Educational Advancement

4. Psychological/ Physical Wellbeing

5. Servant Leadership

Our programs are on a rolling basis every 6 weeks under the principles listed above.

Our Youth Matters Alumni and Community Network 

The key is to keep the community involved. 

Mentorship Program

Scholarship Committee

Community Facilitation 

Fundraising Committee

Social and Fellowship Committee

Outreach Committee 

Project Estimate

NOTE: This is just an estimate and not a final cost price.

"We NEED to invest in our future, our community needs HOPE, we want to feel as if we MATTER"

Our Youth Matters Market Space

Increasing Youth Employment and Self-Sustainability 

We are offering a space for small business owners who align with our youth centers mission to purchase a retail space in the Youth Centers Market Place. 

We are also hosting a local store for business owners to house their products in the youth center's store. The revenue generated from the marketplace will go directly to the Our Youth Matter's program and initiatives. 


Derris ROSS

Founder & CEO / The Ross Foundation

Jasmine Morris

President/ The Ross Foundation 

Summer Logan

Vice President/ The Ross Foundation 

LaCoya Brogan

Our Youth Matters Strategy Member 

Lynn Browns

Our Youth Matters Strategy Member 

UnoBlessed Coons

Our Youth Matters Strategy Member 

Samantha Douglas

Our Youth Matters Strategy Member 

Cierra Stovall

Our Youth Matters Strategy Member 

Selina Tilman

Our Youth Matters Strategy Member 

Simonna Marie

Our Youth Matters Strategy Member 




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